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2nd Engineer for Singapore Bunker Barge

Bunker barge trading Singapore's water
Contract two years with work permit
Salary Singapore dollars $1600.00 per month
Food allowance Singapore Dollars $150.00 per month
Shift allowance Singapore dollars $100.00 per month

1.Owner require 2nd Engineer with Class 3

2.He must have experienced working onboard tanker / bunker barge

3.Please send CV only

In the email, 2nd Engr has to confirm

All my certifcates are true and valid for 2 years or more
You may check with our Marine Authority for Singapore COE's purposes
My passport is valid till,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
My experiences working onboard tanker / bunker barge are true
I'm fit for duty
I'm ready to join ship
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